Food, culture and shopping in Varberg - Fästningens vandrarhem

Food, culture and shopping in Varberg

Varberg is an exciting place to visit. The town and its residents are characterised by its grand history and its location by the sea, with fantastic beaches and great fishing and surfing. It boasts a 200-year-old spa culture which is very much alive, and there is a great selection for all those wishing to bathe in the winter or book spa treatments.

Cultural life and shopping

Many people appreciate Varberg for its quaint little streets and excellent shopping. Cool little shops, market square shopping every Wednesday and Saturday, and a row of handicrafts booths down in the harbour below the fortress. The town has museums and theatres, and during the summer there is a rich music scene with a large number of concerts.

Food and drink

'Societetshuset' in the park behind the fortress comes to life in the summer, and is a popular haunt for both dinner guests and party people. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés in Varberg open all the year round. Here in the fortress area, there is Kafé Kulknappen and the Vin & Skafferi Hus13 restaurant.

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