Directions - Fästningens vandrarhem


The walk up the hill to the archway leading into Borggården where you can find Fästningens Vandrarhem is about 100 metres long. N.B: It is not permitted to drive up to the fortress.

Road directions

  1. Take the Varberg Norra exit.
  2. Follow the signs to Varberg.
  3. Cross the railway track to a large roundabout called 'Lassabacka'.
  4. Take a right off the roundabout.
  5. Follow the signs to Fästningen and turn left.
  6. Drive straight ahead until the Parking building, Briggen (offers up to 3-day parking) on your right-hand side, signpost for Fästningen.
  7. There are parking spaces on the left where you can park up to 4 hours between 9 am and 6 pm (free parking at other times).
  8. When you get to the harbour, you can follow the road to the left past the Danske bank.
  9. You are now below the fortress and here you can unload your luggage.

GPS coordinates

WGS 84 57°6'21.1"N 12°14'24.5"E
WGS 84 decimal Lat: 57.105868 Long: 12.240137
WGS84 DDM 57°6.352'N 12°14.408'E
RT 90 X: 6336720 Y: 1284014
SWEREF99 TM 6332552 332847



The entire fortress area is a protected cultural heritage site. It is not permitted to drive in the area. Free parking is available by the Campus College and the Briggen parking building You can borrow trolleys at reception to carry your baggage.